Welcome to the PL Enthusiast!

Welcome to our blog about research and developments in programming languages (PL) and their applications and connections to areas across science and technology!

We are Michael Hicks and Swarat Chaudhuri, professors in computer science at the University of Maryland and Rice University, respectively, and we both have a great passion for programming languages.

More about our background and the goals and origins of this blog are explained on the About page.

We are now working on a series of posts across several threads:

  • The role of PL in computer security
  • Comparing PL theory and theory developed in the Algorithms community
  • How PL can help us think about machine learning
  • Highlights and tutorials on emerging programming languages

Stay tuned to this space; we look forward to your comments and contributions!



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6 Responses to Welcome to the PL Enthusiast!

  1. Any chance of an RSS feed? That would be most helpful.

    • There is an RSS feed, but it seems that Feedly is not finding it (which is perhaps the trouble you’re having). For example, see http://www.pl-enthusiast.net/?feed=rss2 . I confirm that FeedReader can incorporate this feed just fine.

      I’m going to see about changing to “pretty permalinks” to see if that fixes the problem. If you have suggestions for fixing what’s going on, I’m glad to know them!

      • It seems that Feedly fixed their bug, and now the RSS feed is visible to it. Note that Feedly was working before for comments (so you should see this if you signed up yesterday) but not for the main posts. If you re-subscribe, you should hopefully see the posts, too.

  2. Looks promising.

    I’m a great believer that programming languages matter and that different tasks call for different languages. I’ve founded encyclopedia of programming languages http://progopedia.com/ (but the project is somewhat stuck for now).

    I’ve subscribed to the RSS and I’m looking forward to your content.

  3. Looking forward to many interesting posts! Topics 2 and 3 sound really fun and different from what we usually see in PL conferences.

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